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Darwin Magazine – Subculture (volume 4)

Darwin Magazine - Volume 4 Subculture

Darwin Magazine – Volume 4: Subculture Cover Image. (Source)

Volume 4 of the Darwin Magazine titled “Subculture” is now available for pre order from: darwinmagazine.bigcartel.com.

Darwin Magazine was founded in October 2012 by Harry Rose (Photoart) and Ryan Grimley (Newport documentary photography graduate). Darwin provides a platform for the unestablished photographer, as well as those who have made a mark on the photographic scene. Generating engaging conversations about photographers work from interviews, reviews and essays.

“This volume is bigger and better than what we have done before. It contains projects, essays, write-ups and Q&A’s all focused around Subculture.” – (Darwin Magazine)

Photographers in this Volume include:

- Andrzej Steinback & Arne Schmitt
- Brett Gundlock
- Owen Harvey
- Isaac Blease
- Matthew Murray

Other Contributors include:

- Michelle Kaczmarek
- Colin Pantel
- Jonathon Beattie
- Justine Marklew

For more information head over to: darwinmagazine.tumblr.com or pre order now.


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