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“This Must be the Place” – Graduates of Photoart 2013

Naomi Hall - The Biological Destinies of Clayomies

Naomi Hall – The Biological Destinies of Clayomies (source)

‘This must be the place’; a phrase we might employ upon arriving at a location we have not visited before but have been seeking. We are uncertain of our surroundings possessing only scraps of information to determine our precise location. – (Newport13)

The 2013 Graduates of Photoart have published a book and accompanying website.

The graduates are: Abigail Mills, Amelia Feeley, Amelia Marks, Cath Gerrard, Cei Gerke, Charlotte Davidson, Chris Brett, Ellie Miller, Georgina Stylianou, Harriet Argyle, James Blackledge, Jessica Hynes, Jorden Williams, Lianne Bowen, Lucy Ernest, Luke Sztymiak, Matt Colquhuon, Michael Fitzsimmons, Naomi Hall, Phillip Mair, Rhian Jones, Samantha Jones, Sara Rejaie, Stephen Duffy and Vicky Evans.

This two part publication was edited by Photoart Alumni, Matt Simmons (Graduate 2011) and designed by the fantastic Brighton based designer, Kevin Beck.


Video of the Publication:


This website can be found here (newport13.co.uk)

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