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Lua Ribeira’s High on Frustration

Lua is a first year Photoart student, these high contrast eclectic images echo the snapshot aesthetic but have a clear conceptual underpinning.

Lack of movement due to injury, crutches, boredom, stupidity, angry effort, impatience, helpless. The face, the reality, uncertainty. Shout. Laugh. Cry.

Intending to express my relationship with a new situation (a personal injury to my leg, restricting free movement), blurred ideas and sharp images were blended in my imagination. I began to sketch masks, shadows and figures on paper and tried to make them real as photographs. I felt trapped between walls and crutches, continually dissatisfied with the random images I made.

I began to make these pictures impulsively. Experimenting freely without a clear aim, I photographed my daily life at home spontaneously and conscious thought. Finally, I understood the images as an inevitable consequence of my circumstances. In making pictures I was venting my frustration.

Roger Ballen became an important influence on my work. He creates a surreal and unique atmosphere through the use of peculiar textures and playful compositions. The absurdity and degradation present in his photographs inspired openness and self-release in my approach.

Different size prints and relatively chaotic placement reinforce the idea of anger and lack of control implicit in the feeling of frustration. My aim was to present the set of images as a whole to transmit the sensation of helplessness. - Lua Ribeira*

More of Lua’s work can be found here: cargocollective.com/luaribeira

*edited by Jack Weekes

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