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“Contra” Exhibition Featuring Jorden Williams and Claire Kern

“Contra” is an exhibition which brings together for the first time, the photographic and film work of Claire Kern and (2013 Photoart graduate) Jorden Williams in a new installation at Arcade Cardiff.

“Contra” opens Wednesday 5th February 6pm till 8pm at Arcade Cardiff.

“Contra” unites Kern and Williams’ shared concern with current socio-political factors that affect female sexuality, fertility and the choices and welfare of women today.

Their commentary is far-reaching and delivered with a sense of urgency and activism. Kern presents Silent Genocide, a series of photographs and texts documenting the heart-rending stories of women from Tibet living in India, facing potentially life-threatening sterilization procedures. Whilst Williams mines and questions the Western systems and values placed on contraceptive drugs that affect those a little closer to home, in her video work and installation, The Doctored Oath.

More information can be found at the events page: facebook.com

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