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Visiting Lecturer: Mishka Henner

Current Photography students at USW (Caerleon Campus) are looking forward to welcoming Mishka Henner this Thursday.

Thursday 2th February @ 2.30pm


Mishka was born in Brussels in 1976 to a French mother in exile from
communist Poland. She met his English father in 1978 and they moved to
Manchester in 1994. He grew up in the age of the print screen button and
now lives in the age of big data.

Mishka Henner (source)

He has described his work as a form of
Geo-Spatial Intelligence and his projects include Fifty-One US Military
Outposts (2010), Dutch Landscapes (2011), No Man’s Land (2011-2012), and
Feedlots (2012-2013). He was awarded the ICP Infinity Award for Art in 2013
and is on the shortlist for this year’s Prix Pictet. He wrote this text
in the third person.

View more of Mishka’s work at: mishkahenner.com


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