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Labour Exchange: Magali Nougarède and Sarah Taylor

Magali Nougarède (Senior Lecturer, Photographic Art) in collaboration with painter Sarah Taylor have an exhibition opening on Friday 23rd May at Bay Art Gallery in Cardiff Bay. The opening starts at 5.30pm. There is also an “In Conversation” event with Nougarède and Taylor, chaired by Helen Sear on the same day at 3.45pm.

Sarah Taylor, Magali Nougarède

Sarah Taylor, Magali Nougarède

Inherent to the work of both artists is the use of the domestic object as source material, especially soft furnishings re-appropriated from previous generations: fabrics, clothing, wallpaper, cloths, tea towels. These items are at the centre of the artists’ visual consciousness, not only as objects of aesthetic fascination, but also as objects of historical and political significance. Both artists see the domestic object as an opportunity to interrogate power relations, past and present, in terms of gender, class and political ideology, to address political inequities and reclaim histories.

“Labour Exchange” was initially developed with Helen Sear who noticed the crossover and similarities in Magali Nougarède and Sarah Taylor’s practices. The first version of this show is exhibited at Bay Art.

A gendered perspective?
Helen Sear will lead a pre-preview “In conversation” at 3.45pm with artists Magali Nougarède and Sarah Taylor. Everyone welcome. To reserve a free place please visit: eventbrite.co.uk



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