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Brink 2008

Brink (PDF)

This beautifully realised publication includes the work of 43 emerging photographers/artists, an essay by Professor Mark Durden, an introduction by Geraint Cunnick, and a transcription of a round table discussion that looks at the position of art production in Wales, especially in relation to Newport, as a major centre for photographic education over the last 30 years. This discussion includes contributions from Chris Coppock, Alicia Miller, Helen Sear and Peter Finnemore, and was chaired by Geraint Cunnick. The publication was launched in June 2008 at two public events in London and Cardiff.


Published by: The University of Wales, Newport

ISBN: 978-1-899274-37-6Edited by: Peter Bobby & Ronnie Close

Design by: Steven Dawson

Published: June 2008

Edition of 500