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This highly designed catalogue features work by 31 recent graduates from the BA (Hons) Photographic Art programme at the University of Wales, Newport.  Edited by tutors Peter Bobby and Ronnie Close this publication also features invited texts by writers on art and photography including, Jason Evans, Liam Devlin, Corinne Noordenbos, Jesse Alexander, Sacha Waldron, Lauren Jury and Tom Hemsley.


Essentially the publication consists of 32 eight-page sections. Each section is designated to a recent graduate.  Producing the publication in this way, allowed for greater flexibility with regard to the specific content of each participant’s pages.  These were discussed on a one-to-one basis with the free-lance designer, Steven Dawson. This also allowed us to remove a number of these sections from the production process prior to binding, resulting in a collection of individually coloured booklets.  This idea essentially gives each artist two outcomes, which can be used for a variety of professional situations. The publication was launched in June 2010, by Professor Mark Durden at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.



Published by: The University of Wales, Newport

ISBN: 978-1- 899274-44-4

Edited by: Peter Bobby and Ronnie Close

Design by: Steven Dawson

Published: June 2010

Edition of 500